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Our flagship solutions and products

New High Efficiency LED Lighting solutions Dimmable Mr.16
ranges for the new 25 to 50 W traditional halogen lamp to New LED lamp
Up to 90% Energy Saving!
The highly energy-efficient Mr.16 makes it possible achieve extremely low power consumption without sacrificing light quality in general lighting applications.
Designed for 50mm diameters, Mr.16 offers a compact look and feel.
Consuming only 5.6W, it enables up to 90% energy saving compared with traditional 50W MR-16 Halogen lamps.
Power Consumption : 5.6W Dimensions : 50 X 65mm
Weight : 50g
Base : GU 5.3
Life time: 50,000 hours
Illuminance : 340lm (2600k) 450lm (6000k)